HVAC Replacement

The older your HVAC unit, the more repairs it will need, and there’s a greater likelihood of a total breakdown. For older systems or systems suffering extreme problems, it may be time to consider replacement. With the hot, sticky Beaufort summers and the cold winters, you need to know you can trust your HVAC system to keep your family comfortable.

The benefits of a new HVAC system

Home heating and cooling technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Modern HVAC systems are far more efficient than systems that were manufactured just 10 years ago. Installing a new system can save you money on your monthly heating bills.

A new HVAC system also can translate into higher resale value for your home. In the eyes of prospective buyers, a new HVAC system is one less thing to worry about.

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Our HVAC Replacement Process

When you choose Beaufort Air Conditioning & Heating for your HVAC replacement, we will come to your home and assess your need. Our goal is to help you choose the right system for the size of your home and your family’s demand. A properly sized system is a critical part of enjoying full use of your air conditioner, without excessive energy costs. We will help you choose a system that has the right level of efficiency and fits within your budget. Then, we will install it expertly, ensuring everything works exactly as it should and protecting your home.

Why Beaufort Air Conditioning & Heating?

If you are investing in a new air conditioner and heating unit, you want to know that it will be installed well. You also want to know that you can trust the HVAC technicians you hire. You get both of these with Beaufort Air Conditioning & Heating. Our award-winning team has over 30 years of experience in the region, and we are ready to show you what that level of experience will mean for your new HVAC installation.