Everything You Need to Know About Portable Air Conditioners for the Outdoors

In the sweltering summer heat, many people still want to spend time outside in relative comfort. Especially with the fourth of July and Memorial day coming up, there’s a lot of pressure to get out of the house and have some fun in the sun.

A portable air conditioning unit is a great way to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable during your next barbecue or house party, sleep a little easier on your next camping trip, or put the finishing touch on your porch, deck, or sunroom. We especially recommend the portable AC units if you love spending time on your patio. A patio air conditioner makes a huge difference!

But there are many options available, and it’s difficult to choose which portable air conditioner is appropriate for your needs. The amount of space you are trying to cool, how often you will be using the unit, and how much you are willing to spend are all factors that give some products an edge over others.

Our team of heating and air specialists have put together this brief guide discussing the pros and cons of the most popular options to help you decide how you are going to beat the heat this season.

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The 5 Best Outdoor Air Conditioning Units to Buy in 2020

The best outdoor AC for you depends on its capacity, price, what you will be using it for or where you want to put it. Let us take a look at some of the best outdoor AC unit available on the market:

1 – Honeywell Portable Evaporative Cooler

The Honeywell 1540 CFM is one of the best portable evaporative air coolers you can rely on to keep cool in areas where the air is hot with low humidity. This Honeywell model does not require the use of power-hungry components like compressors. Our team loves that the low energy usage of this model allows it to be run all summer long with only a small hit to the electric bill.

Its construction materials are UV protected and resistant to weather, making it one of the most durable evaporative coolers for outdoor use. The unit comes with a loading compartment of 15.9 gallons, and four durable caster wheels to make it easy to move.

Operating the Honeywell portable evaporative cooler is about as simple as it gets. Just add water and ice and let it run. Alternatively, you can hook it up to a water supply for continuous operation.

It can cool an indoor area up to 850 square-feet with enough cross ventilation and an outdoor range of 12 yds. It comes with a powerful 1540 CFM and honeycomb cooling media for rapid cooling performance. At $400, we think this unit delivers the most bang for your buck.

2 –IcyBreeze

This two-in-one unit is both ice chest and portable air conditioner. Just fill it with ice and cold drinks and you’re all set for poolside comfort or backyard grilling.

It comes with an optional 12 V DC 10-amp rechargeable battery pack which significantly enhance its portability and energy efficiency.

The unit is environmentally friendly. It uses no Freon or dangerous refrigerants, just water and ice. Plus, it uses a rechargeable battery to power its 3-speed fan that blows up to an impressive 25-mph. IcyBreeze is easy to use and drain when finished. Its rugged polyethylene construction ensures durability and it can hold up to 30 pounds of ice.

It comes with a 110 V smart charger, corded remote and wheels for easy movement. The unit is available at a price as low as $249.

3 – Hessaire 2200 CFM

This evaporative cooler gets the job done with a lower profile aesthetic. It has a compact design and comes with three media panels that improve its performance. These media panels reduce pre-rotation of the air and allow more air intake; this means lower static pressure and improved air delivery efficiency to the propeller. The unit provides 80% more evaporation surface through its rigid high-density XeL50 media compared to the regular density media.

Hessaire 2200 CFM is energy efficient. It features a polypropylene resin construction that is durable yet lightweight for ease of use. It consumes less power than competitors which translates to a lower electricity cost. It works best in open spaces or dry climates. The unit uses no harmful refrigerants, just water to blast cool air. You can connect the unit directly to a hose for a constant water supply without having to keep filling its water tank. It also comes with four durable caster wheels, a one-year warranty and costs about $250.

4 –Koldwave 5WK26BGA1AAA0

This portable air conditioning unit is a mobile water-cooled unit that promises to stand the test of time. It provides instant cooling relief within a few seconds; this makes it ideal for industrial spaces, labs, large offices and other commercial spaces. The unit features internal fiberglass insulation and durable stainless steel construction.

The fan speed is adjustable and also comes with thermostatic control for a customized cooling option. With this feature, you can choose from multiple fan speeds to stay cool and comfortable in your home or office during the hot summer days. Best of all, the unit is relatively easy to setup and use.

Another exciting feature is its water regulator that reduces water consumption. Overall, this safeguard allows the unit to operate a little more efficiently than most others. The filters are removable and washable and also come with heavy-duty casters that allow you to move the unit without breaking a sweat.

So what’s the catch? This unit costs $4000 and is only feasible for those who are willing to pay top dollar for comfort and quality.

5-Whytner Elite ARC-12SDH

This digital portable air conditioning and heating unit requires little space, has a modern aesthetic, and ultimately provides a lot of value for its $450 price tag.

We particularly recommend this unit to our local Georgia customers because of its included dehumidifier and ability to operate well in high humidity.

Other features we like about this model are the included remote, 24-hour programmable settings, and digital temperature display.

The Whytner’s main downside is its limited 400 square feet cooling ability making it less than ideal for large decks and patios.

We believe that each of these five portable air conditioner models are a suitable option depending on your individual needs and budget. Effective air conditioning, whether it be a portable outdoor unit or full HVAC system, often comes down to having the right equipment for the job.

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