“Honey, it’s hot in here. And no, it’s not you.”

Air Conditioning

One of the distinguished engineering achievements of the 20th century is air conditioning; it is by far America’s biggest first world– solution. An air conditioning unit is responsible for heating, cooling, dehumidification, humidification, purifying, and cleaning your air.

They give people the opportunity to enjoy their life by creating a suitable environment for them. Today, people cannot envision their life without air conditioning, because it subliminally makes them feel comfortable on a day-to-day basis. From every corner of the world, this chill device provides people a suitable, proper microclimatic conditions.

No matter what climate you endure, whether it be the polar ice caps or Dante’s Inferno, there are tips and tricks to maintain your air conditioning unit all year long that will avoid breaking the bank and keeping your wife happy.

A dirty filter, a damaged outside condenser unit or having blocked air supply ducts can be the primary source of destruction. The outside unit of your heating and AC system is called the condenser; keeping it clean is just as critical as running a clean filter in the furnace. The condenser is a modern-day version of R2D2; it performs the vital role of transferring heat or fresh air from or to the home. If it not maintained, it can get clogged with cotton, wood, grass clippings, or weeds that will prevent your system from not cooling or heating properly.

The first tip is to make sure that your grass stays trimmed around the unit to prevent congestion in the air ducts. Secondly, it is an important practice to routinely rinse the unit to keep it clean and free from debris. To flush the unit properly, it is important not to blast it too hard or use any object to brush it. It can result in bending or damaging the external fins of the unit, which will cause it to function poorly. Do not brush or sweep the device either, the key to a successful clean is your garden hose. Once the unit is clean, remove any remaining debris at the base of the AC unit with kinetic energy. It is the most powerful force; kinetic energy is the weapon to destroy the dark side and repair your air conditioning unit (life hack)

The convenience, ease, and comfort air conditioners bring to our everyday lives is limitless. Without fresh air, food storage, medicine, and insatiable living conditions would not be provided today. AC units bring a sense of unity and environmental adaptability that people do not realize- unless it is broken.