7 Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit May Need Some Repairs

Read these common reasons to learn whether or not your air conditioning needs a repair today. 

1 – Loud Noise

Air conditioners make noise. As complicated devices that impact the entire home, they are bound to provide some auditory runoff. However, this should be minimal, and you should never find the sound to be irritating. If you feel the noise level of your unit is unprecedentedly raucous, interrupting your daily life with a distracting volume, your AC unit may require some professional repairs. Clattering and scraping sounds are often key indicators of this need.

2 – Lack of Cool Air

Cooling is the fundamental function of an air conditioner. If it fails to accomplish this essential task, something is notably wrong with the machine. If occurring, you should promptly address this issue and call a certified HVAC contractor. That way, the problem can be identified and swiftly resolved, leaving you in immense discomfort for as little time as possible.

3 – Uneven Airflow

Is the temperature in your home not consistent between rooms? Are some rooms stifling hot while others are perfectly chilled? This inequality may be a sign that your air conditioner is experiencing poor airflow and requires repair, or maybe just a cleaning. You can avoid this from happening by signing up for our regular AC unit maintenance program.

4 – Volatile Temperatures

The temperature of the air discharged by your unit should reflect the selection you make on the thermostat. If you find that this temperature is continually changing without manual input, this may be an indication that your machine is in need of repair.

5 – Leaking Water

If your unit is located outdoors, condensation and, in turn, leaking water is somewhat common. However, if the device is within in the home and experiences these symptoms, this is abnormal and unhealthy. In such unusual instances, you should have your air conditioner repaired as soon as possible.

6 – Air Smelling Like a Dirty Sock

The air your conditioner expels should be odorless. If you begin to notice peculiar or repugnant smells while the unit is operating, it may be in need of repair. One of the most commonly reported odors is that of a dirty sock. This scent typically signifies mold or mildew growth within the AC, which can easily be resolved by ordering a repair.

7 – Air Smelling Like a Rotten Egg

Another unusual scent that your air conditioner may produce is that of a rotten egg. Kind of odd, right? An animal dying inside the machine may be to blame, as the smell of its decay will spread with the air. However, this odor may also be the product of a larger pest issue in your home. If your house turns out to be plagued by a pest infestation, droppings or dead pests may build up in the unit. It is important that the AC is examined to determine the cause, and repaired accordingly by a licensed professional to ensure whatever that nasty smell doesn’t get any worse.

These are just a few of the issues that your home air conditioner may fall victim to. If you are experiencing any of the above, you should have your unit repaired as soon as possible. Sig Cox Heating and Air Conditioning provides exceptional repairs to homes in the North Augusta, SC area. Our experts are dedicated to identifying and resolving the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. For more information, feel free to contact us at 706-722-5304.